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Book-A-Coach is a tablet app built as my last project in Microverse. It uses business specifications and complete setup for user authentication. I had lots of fun building this app because it was a last-minute idea brought to me by some peers here in Hawaii.


Beer + _____

Beer + _____ is React/Redux app built as a catalogue. It uses Brewdog's API in order to help the user pair their favorite food with their tasty beers.


SpaceTime Shooter

SpaceTime Shooter is a video game developed with Phaser and hosted in Netlify. I developed this game in order to pay homage to the classic shooter video games such as "space invaders" etc. I had so much fun learning the Phaser framework and developing something from complete scratch. (Try reloading the page several times to get the game working -> I promise it is fun!)

JavascriptPhaser 3Jester


SalTLyLIfeStlYLe is my first Ruby on Rails App. I really enjoyed building this app as it helped me consolidate a lot of the hard aspects of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. This application as a basic magazine where the user can sign up for an account and like the articles written here. As I only had 4 days to finish it, the feature for image uploading does not completely work and so I got around by pre-loading stock pictures to the server.


CSS Linter

A Ruby linter application developed to assist with CSS linting and parsing. This project is developed business specifications in order to demonstrate mastery of testing in ruby, Object Oriented Programming principles and time management.


Surfboard Shop

A pure HTML/CSS application developed with business specifications in order to demonstrate mastery of HTML and CSS. I converted a PSD given by a client to HTML.