about me

Hi, I’m Seth, a web developer from California currently living in beautiful Hawaii. I’m creative, analytical, and passionate. I previously designed and handmade surfboards in Hawaii, but decided to follow another path towards web development. I received my Master`s degree in Computer Science from the University of Bristol where I wrote my Master's Thesis on ant (yes, the tiny insects) behavior and pattern prediction by using Python for data analysis. Post-graduation, I took some time off to travel and experience the world and visited over 25 countries. After filling up my cup, I enrolled in Microverse, where I strengthened my professional-level skills including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Redux, Sass, and Test-Driven development techniques. During that time, I designed and developed more than 40 professional projects through pair programming with different coding partners remotely from around the world. I have since mentored and taught coding, which I love as it allows me to connect with others and utilize my interpersonal skills. I'm a maker at heart (both manually and digitally). In my free time, I love learning new skills and soaking in knowledge such as learning a new programming language, reading classic literature, creating small video games, or making furniture or surfboards for my family and friends.